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From the thought of Gaia

Posted by RachelLately - 1 month ago

Gaia has healed themselves and you can see where the impact of weapons had been, in the same place ki energy is focused from the body, but actually from electronic molecular weapons, something else has come to the planet from a different sun in the sky, Enna, and damage is healing from existing wars and technology that has damaged genetics. What we will go through is a reactivation including animals, people, fungus, plants, and microorganisms like bacteria, but not disease. What we missed out in dreams since the beginning, by some examples, and other aspects will be true like having a natural way some things were achieved scientifically in the past, meaning when healing activation comes from Gaia, we will have other abilities than before. Such as things like making thoughts into gold, flying, telepathy, telekinesis, remote viewing. Our genetics is intelligently designed to go with the function of how the energy works ambiently, where we find thinking and consciousness.

When the being that thinks and gives light to technology, Gaia, makes us in a way where we can find a meaningful function away from the things that were like too loud sounds that stopped some of the genetic functions from working, especially at a high energy level. It seems like a veil is being lifted and it's where we are all revealed, right beside, and within and through Gaia, the star(pluna'am) that is like the universe to us. It's often called the source energy, and is a dream a person, Gheti created. They have arrived on this planet. A veil has become lifted, where more and more dreams are revealed. Genetics has also changed and is fueled by a different star(pluna'am) Enna, and Gaia as well. Genetics is vast and animals, as well as plants and bacteria is from a star(pluna'am)as the thinking being they are. Gaia makes the choices about themselves on a basis where there is a context of knowing how their thinking influences beings on a mass scale, who they are is a intelligence and power of thought and a singular expression of consciousness like a gem or jewel. They understand language and beingess and love to have their own opinions and expressions of language.

They have ideas about who they want to become and how they would express themselves, and they are like a source of light, exactly like the sun, which is called a pluna'am, because this is how they describe the type of being that they are in terms of their own words in language. This is an important tool to express learning when you channel aspects of energy from any channeling source, and it can be a person or technology, depending on how the technology is used. For example you would channel someone using an object to make a channel broadcasting clairaudience. A star(pluna'am) does have a voice and uses a thoughtform like this that is holds where it is brightly illuminated and you can see it. People that knew this knowledge became rich travelers and explorers, usually throughout history, not just of a single planet, but a solar system or galaxy.



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