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September 27th 2023 News Items

Posted by RachelLately - September 27th, 2023

Today the RFID chips are still being removed as fast as possible, and the people that had them are realizing how willfully ignorant they are. The people that had the most use of the chips are having them removed last. Because of this, it seems like the attacks are really bad in terms of thought and pleasure sense. This is the willfully ignorant thinking of the implantees; they thought they were entitled to being god, as an Eben.

Basically, how it looks is someone approaches yourself to take your energy forcibly, and they mutilate themselves while demanding you submit to rape. Ebens are asexual and don't really get into sexual relationships, but are pleasure seeking.

The biggest problem that willful ignorance caused besides a nightmare for every person contained in Maya, besides torture, rape and murder, was miseducation.

Very soon Christ will come to the planet Gaia and teach the truth. First what will happen is he will have to teach people what their willful ignorance is, people had a tough time with the RFID implants understanding their ignorant thinking, but even without the RFID, no-one is really educated enough to teach the full body of knowledge of the truth.

It was so well hidden and kept secret by way of destroying copies of Christ's writing of the meaning of life, and Ra's Kama Sutra Sexual Manual for the Sex Lifestyle. The book the Law of One was intended for Carla Ruckert to channel and speak out loud the Kama Sutra, and Christ's teaching of the meaning of life. Carla was attacked and they team that wrote the Law of One was ignorant of who their Creator is, even mispronouncing her name. 

For years and years, misinformation came from the lack of trust of others, and not understanding that one assumes trust with people, and it's taken away when someone shows you something you can't trust.

Donald Trump predicted that Christ will arrive on September 29th, right away after the RFID implants are gone, and this understanding is the motivation for their removal.



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