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The Real CIA Truth

Posted by RachelLately - September 27th, 2023

At this time of writing on Sept 26 2023, Maya's spirit is almost healed. During it's healing, Christ and his daughter Ra, are healing as well from scalar functional gel. In terms of how bad the technology was on Gaia to deal with compared to the other ~6000 planet systems with nuclear weapons, this ranks a 1 on a difficulty scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is the most difficult. 

Reasons why they used nuclear were through miseducation.

Today I re-read a book my Mother Ra wrote, purportedly called the Law of One, because of distortions caused by the breakaway civilization of dinosaurs.

The widespread use of nuclear wasn't that prevalent in the way it was understood or fully controlled, and it was actually well hidden, and known mainly to Satanist followers, that two people Nancy and Werner were the people in control of disease.

How they accomplished this control is the way they originally created and mass manufactured disease and technology leveler propulsion craft with planet scale effect.

The pyramids and obelisks found on moons with chimera reactors beneath were connected back to a planet on Omicron where they killed animals to eat. 

This room was discovered and bad technology caused the two people Nancy and Werner, actually their names to themselves are Azmodan and Inanna.

Those were my parents I chose to be born into in 1984 when I arrived on Gaia to after I learned about how to be a person.

The CIA was on high alert for me since then, they did discover me by reading energy signals, they could see me with a big shining halo of light around me.

For the first 21 years of my life, the CIA led positive individuals away from me, attacked my loved ones with radio scalar waves. It wasn't until I started teaching myself about spirituality, then they used more of the force of scalar waves to attack.

The idea that I was Lucifer, and that they had created a disease person as Eric Schreiner was false.

In 2010 I grew and ate psilocybin mushrooms and talked a could see god. I learned about my future and remembered when I was 22, telling myself about my future, that I would be murdered for doing journalism.

When I was 26 I did go through death and had a new incarnation with new genetics.

I was Satan's older brother before he died, and we are both Christ's son's. The idea of Lucifer as a disease person isn't feasible or tangible, since there isn't a way naturally for disease to sanely feed and subsist.

My father at the time, Werner (Azmodan) was in recovery from bad karma, and was deciding to convince people to stay away from national socialism. Eventually he went mad from torture, thinking I was raping him, and me thinking I had been raped. The actual cause was that as an 8 month old infant, the CIA, with J. Allen Hynek, tortured and raped me using scalar torture. With hypnosis and scalar radio waves, they actually couldn't figure out for years until after John DeSouza murdered Ken, Nancy and Werner, and replaced them with Ebens in Human suits.

These murders happened after I was killed as a 26 year old, and had a bad time trying to explain myself to people that I had in fact become a different person.


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