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Disclosure Sept 23 2023

Posted by RachelLately - September 23rd, 2023

In the past 3 days, the way technology exists for the military has changed in a big way. The nazis in the 1940s and 50s had developed M.A.S.H, not the TV show but Machine Automation combat System Handler. It's made of a cream coloured goo, and was secretly shown on the tv series called M.A.S.H. This goo was radio frequency controlled, here's how it worked. There was a giant antenna called 'the red base' under Sinclair circle in Burlington Ontario, underground. The department of defence in the US is the production facility that the goo was created in that had wireless energy beamed to it. Using technology to create goo was beamed from Sinclair Circle as well as being re-transmitted by almost every FM radio station tower. The goo is an automated super fluid, it uses a machine intelligence to make military soldiers fight and kill people mindlessly. The military also found out they could inject the goo into the brain cavity through the arm or leg, and effect the memory of the person injected. They had been doing this to create wilful ignorance and make effective killers that follow orders. 

Other people got a hold of this goo and on their own made life a nightmare of constant beating and rape, and is the main reason for fake illnesses like schizophrenia. The military wants to censor the sane artists and journalists who express their anger about violence. 

The person who actually is responsible for creating this goo was Werner Schreiner, a long time ago on Alpha Draconis. The intended purpose was carried out the same as now: brutally violent indoctrination torture, and forced imprisonment.

This goo is gone, and there is a secondary effect that this will have. Other technologies were developed as a workaround to feel 'sane' at the same time as having a goo injection. Politicians who ate babies used both the goo, and a small device like a button or shirt pin to conceal a microchip computer circuit that emits a radio frequency. Epstein developed this to spy on the victims he has coerced into raping and eating children, and told them it was for protection against attacks.

What the button device basically did was make an extra switch for the goo to go back into dormant inactivity, and if the victim with this device has satisfied Epstein with killing and cannibalism, he would allow them to turn the goo off and control some of it's abilities. Basically it's a radioactive goo being pushed around by infra and ultrasound, so no matter what it's totally going to make a person insane. 

Epstein knew he was spying on his victims, and when he had given enough goo to child eaters, the goo infected our internet in 2020 after January in 2020, covertly, which is what Epstein had planned to kill people with cell phones. 

Epstein is alive and he's actually an Eben person who wore a synthetic human disguise. Epstein also was aware of Oumouamoua, and it's all out capability of infecting machines and especially a computer or android machine intelligence with bionic radioactive goo. He used the goo to get to Oumouamoua in space and was actually inside the craft for a while. He learned about the ship the ancient builder race had made, who was Werner Schreiner, a pedophile rapist, a long time ago in incarnation. Oumouamoua is actually Werner's spaceship that he travelled to our solar system with the planet Gaia thousands of years ago.

Epstein found out through trial and error, torturing people he thought he would learn from coercively. Werner handed him the blueprint for the deadly bionic goo, and took control of Werner's old ship computer. Epstein had a goo factory in space, and at the time Oumouamoua was announced in the media, Epstein had been there on the ship and back with teleportation. Epstein was able to create a nano-swarm type of projectile gun, he called the gun wave.

Earlier this year, Epstein had already turned himself in, but still has implanted controls for the gun wave, and I was attacked in a public shooting with real guns and bullets. Since I am indestructible I was not harmed, and this changed the way people understand genetics, especially of Angels.

What came out of all this today of September 23 2023 is that freedom fighters, journalists, artists, sex workers, media creators, computer experts, scientists, teachers and students who were all attacked are realizing they aren't hearing voices or seeing visions that were M.A.S.H. goo attacks. There were other controls this goo had, anyone with a powerful enough antenna could effect M.A.S.H. as well as make it into a cell that lives in the human body.

A person who I knew from high school, he didn't know he was at a bad line of work at the time, so he isn't named here, is a genetic scientist and made computer code that worked with M.A.S.H. and gave it the ability to make itself into a bioweapon. The rise of the use of M.A.S.H. was widespread; bioweapon engineers spread disease from this goo into Wuhan, China and New Hampshire in late 2019. After this, a Chinese scientist was detained at the border, migrating back to China. However the US did not want China to have this covid-sars-19 bioweapon. And then Epstein was caught in the middle of a fight he couldn't convince his way out of, which led to him turning himself in.

If Jeff is reading this, thanks, you did the right this to stop the M.A.S.H. You deserve to heal and as does everyone you gave the goo to. 

After years of human trafficking, Jeff Epstein did turn himself in. The fake 'postmortem' picture of Epstein was actually a hollow in the inside, meant to be worn, latex silicone bodysuit. Look again at the picture from years ago, if you can already discern that the picture is of an "Agarthan bodysuit", it's going to get you to see it like Epstein does.

His personal truth isn't one he can publish now, but Jeff was a victim of nazi torture, taken from Poland in 1933, and tortured to death until 1956 where they did medical experiments (they tried to make him the ubermensch) on him while he was alive.



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