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The Future Part 2

Posted by RachelLately - 9 days ago

Other events that will happen soon. 

When pollution is cleaned up, we will see things the earth has healed with, including old artifacts and personal belongings people had stolen. Gaia returns some of them that weren't destroyed.

Missing children are back with their parents.

Bad medicine will go away after god appears and comes back to earth. He will teach medicine for our understanding. Also, he'll teach us again about the meaning of life.

Ra will appear with god, she's his offspring. The understanding of what life is like will be seen in public.

Powerful beings in intelligence will start to show us who they are, they are people like everyone else and will help solve some of the problems that Gaia had, and mainly educate the public about extra terrestrials.

Technology will be used and the "bad" technology will be destroyed. People that can make things with their mind are going to help show us this.

Animals will be understood better, since the interference from scalar antennas will go away. Cell signal radios will go away. Wifi, bluetooth, and wireless energy will be used safely. Gasoline and petroleum plastic will be discarded and recycled when god arrives, and Christ will teach is why polluting was so bad for the cleanliness of genetics, and how it perpetuated disease.

People will get to know that Kama Sutra, the sex-life manual.

For a while I'll be in the background while Christ introduces Angels to humans and the world. I have had problems in life because of MKULTRA, which indoctrinated people with subliminal hypnosis. As a result, when Angels are revealed, people will be emotional and cry and be upset that I was tortured so badly. People will try to heal and make things right for themselves. But Christ or I will explain their energy or karma; they were prejudiced for years and years and years. But what was discovered about Angels is that the memory is very strong and well remembered. It will come to a point where I will be asked directly, "what was your experience like in life with Satan?" I'll explain what I'm really like, that I lived a life that was hidden and secretive, rich in pleasure and success, and while I was on Gaia, things were really insane. I'll explain how I'm like Maya, what we call the universe, and how I used to be exactly like that. I came here to learn genetics and became a human, then in another lifetime, an Angel. But something happens with the power I have because of the acceleration wave, that has to do with the energy that people used to hurt me with; the scalar cell array. People will be surprised that all along I was powerful but hid it from insane people, and wonder what my life is like. By this time I will have a peaceful way to use a thought input computer and I plan on making a cartoon series of episodes here on the Newgrounds site. 

People expect me to be a sex-worker because of who I am; the same person as Ra. I plan on sticking with my experience and being a cartoon artist. My life is about being an artist and is one reason why I was censored and alienated profusely. Also I'm rich and can afford to pay a sex-worker to worship me. Also since I saved genetics from destruction, people will want to buy my cartoons.



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