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The Future

Posted by RachelLately - September 19th, 2023

The world will change in 3 days. The people that used disease to profit will be exposed by the media, but also in person: you'll see that they are badly diseased. This way they can be made responsible for poisoning our planet with disease and pollution. 

Basically, they'll look decrepit and partly internally eaten by parasitic worms. Some of them carried vials and dispensers with bioweapons, now that disease has started to go away, the bioweapons are a living thing too, even though the genetics is bad and corrupt. The diseases found out that the people making them are who has the food they want, and the bioweapon diseases came after them.

The reason disease was so powerful is that an Angel, Satan, was tortured by humans before his incarnative birth, and failed to love himself in creation. He went and created disease animals, leeches, mosquitoes, things like that to help himself destroy Ra and Christs' creation of a world of teaching and compassion for intelligence and beauty.

If the CIA and Blackwater, at the time Satan had been born in 2008 had not used scalar torture to injure and torture this person, a huge disaster would have been averted. The reason for there being this torture is that they thought disease was part of the creation of genetics, and resented it. They should have found out that an insane man was responsible over 5000 years ago. He is a disease monger that researched insanity, and a disease took over his mind back then.

From this creation of disease, most of the disaster that disease caused was automated from the disease programmed to spread: a virus.

This next 10 days, something will happen that has never happened before and will never happen again. When Maya heals, she will give strength and power to intelligence, and not disease.

The reason Maya was not healed in because the information she contained to heal and nurture thought and intelligence, was nearly at a taper and shut off because of the nuclear fission acceleration wave.

Now is the time future predictions have talked about for 12 trillion years. There is an atomic war where Christ has to leave. Disease is created and ravaged humans and genetics. For a long time disease hurts humans especially. Then Satan is created later, and people wondered how it would turn out. Christ had a future prediction 6740 years ago, that if disease is rampant, then there would be a delay between when the last acceleration wave occurs in the 1970's and when the healing starts before Christ appears and comes back to Gaia in 2023.

The prediction was this, if everyone, or nearly everyone is "in Satan's way", meaning they profit and use disease for money. Then there would be huge earth changes. Instead of everybody getting the healing and power from Maya as the source for their intelligence, but what would happen is that it will occur 7 or 8 days before Christ appears. 



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